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You are more than your resume

Let your true self shine! Create your digital cover letter and show off all you can offer a future employer—not just what’s written on your resume. Plus, you can add your SeekerPitch profile to all applications.

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Ace your Pitch

Smile for the camera! It’s time to get comfortable on video and bring your best self to the screen. So, get ahead of the competition and use SeekerPitch to be found faster. We’ll help you create your profile, provide training and ensure you nail your interviews

I’m ready to pitch

Did you know 75% of people who apply to jobs are automatically rejected because of key words? It’s time for you to take control of your future and push the bots aside. SeekerPitch is designed to help you bring your whole self to the hiring table. With a quick 30-second video and robust profile, you can present both your experience and personality at the same time. You can add your SeekerPitch profile to your resume for all applications.

Virtual quick pitches (SeekerPitches) let you get your foot in the door.
Only find job postings with “pitch slots” - get a chance to actually speak to a person.
Get instant feedback after the pitch. No more getting ghosted. Opt for full transparency.