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Get candid with candidates

The best employees align with your corporate vision and add value beyond the job description. And only you can filter for those traits. SeekerPitch can improve your effectiveness by offering prospective candidates an opportunity to express who they are professionally, what they are seeking and what they’re capable of beyond the resume.

Better yet, SeekerPitch jobseekers can only apply to a few jobs a day. By removing the chance that your organization is part of a candidate’s “numbers game,” you will only review applicants who are serious about your job.

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Why it works
Soft skills are emphasized

Yes, resumes are important. But soft skills are crucial.

SeekerPitch profiles include a 30-90 second introduction video to help you quickly get a sense if they’ll be a good fit for your organization and your role. Candidates also complete a full assessment of what they are seeking in an employer, profession and working environment. It’s complete transparency from start to finish.

Improves efficiency

Your personal SeekerPitch Dashboard is your one-stop shop for everything hiring.

Here, you can:

  • Review applicants
  • Post jobs
  • Automate scheduling
  • Rate candidates
  • Approve or pass immediately
Simplicity saves time

Unlike traditional interview practices, where it may take up to 45 minutes to qualify a candidate, simplified speed pitches are no more than 15 minutes. Approved jobseekers will slot into your pre-scheduled virtual pitch room to share why they are a good fit. This process helps you quickly assess the validity a candidate from their profile, video intro and quick chat.

Information prevents bias.

Understand your organization’s hiring preferences and help eliminate unconscious bias. Through data analysis of your hiring habits, we help you identify any potential and unintended biases toward candidates.

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